Tree Trimming

This is a picture of a tree trimming.

Tree trimming should not be attempted by amateurs. If you want to preserve your tree, we recommend that you contact an expert. Abbotsford Tree Service is recognized as an industry network throughout Canada. We make sure to trim your tree while ensuring that the bark is not damaged. Bark serves a very valuable purpose. It protects the tree from moisture, insects and disease. We have seen incredible torture inflected on trees. Many people are under the misconception that you can trim a tree with anything thought to do the trick. Incorrect tree trimming diminishes the likelihood that it will thrive.

The Proper Tools & Equipment

The only tools required to trim a tree are a pruning saw and pruning shears. These tools are created specifically for tree trimming. To use lumber tools to cut a living tree is not only disrespectful but is extremely harmful. We follow best practices to ensure the safety of our crew. A back brace, protective glasses, glove and earplugs are ideal. You never have to concern yourself with our team injuring themselves on your property. Abbotsford Tree Service is licensed, bonded and insured within British Columbia. When you hire us to tend to your tree you can rest easy knowing that it is in good hands.

Tree Health

The purpose of using best practices when trimming trees is to preserve your tree’s health. Anyone with the strength and access to a powerful and sharp object can hack at a tree but it takes the skill, knowledge and finesse of a professional to know where and how to cut. It seems counter intuitive but tree trimming is good for trees. Think of your tree as you would the hair on your head. Your stylist recommends a trim every three months to promote healthy growth. Without these regular trims you are guaranteed split ends and a scraggly appearance.

3-Cut Method

You may be surprised to know that trees are social beings. Trees thrive in forests throughout the world. When it is in its optimal environment it instinctively isolates damaged limbs and focuses on the healthy parts of the tree. Outside of the forest trees are trimmed for purposes of human necessity and proclivities. We utilize the 3-cut method when trimming trees. The first cut is on the underside of the limb. The second cut is done one or two feet away from the trunk on the topside of the limb. The final cut is on the underside about one to two inches away from the trunk. This method ensures healthy bark growth.

Hire the Best

Instead of taking matters into your own hands, hire certified tree doctors to do the job. A family of four can live on the oxygen produced by two trees. They provide such value to every living thing on the planet that they deserve the utmost in tree care. Abbotsford Tree Service is a collective of self-proclaimed tree huggers. This has been a passion that started in our youth. We have spent countless hours studying, observing and treating trees. Each arborist has taken the time to become certified in their specialty of choice. For exact tree trimming that won’t harm your tree, contact us.

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