Tree Service

This is a picture of a tree maintenance.

Trees are perfect listeners. They tell us stories of our past and present. They have a secret language of their own and are social organisms. As climbing arborists we have made it our business to know and care about trees. This city is home to a variety of over 50 indigenous tree species. Trees typically do a great job of caring for each other in forests but when they are in an urban environment and not supported by trees of the same species, they can become more susceptible to insects, injury and heat. Abbotsford Tree Service provides a bevy of support and services to humans and their silent companions.

Tree Trimming

The oldest organism on the planet is not the giant tortoise or a whale – it’s a tree. There is a colony of trees in the American state of Utah estimated to be 80,000 years old. When we trim trees, we don’t take it lightly. Trees can typically manage their own growth. They don’t repair injured limbs. They isolate the damaged tissue and focus their energy on healthy growth. There are times when trees grow dangerously close to homes and power lines. In these instances, it may become necessary to trim trees for safety purposes. If you have a tree in need of trimming, call us to day for a complimentary consultation.

Tree Check Up

Trees are living, breathing organisms. They supply the planet with much needed oxygen. Just like you require an annual physical to make sure that everything is in working order; your trees are no different. When trees are located in a forest setting, they work together via an extensive root system and supplying ill trees with the resources that they need be it sugar, water or other minerals. They alert each other when a predator is in the vicinity be releasing a chemical that alerts the surrounding trees. Trees within their family then emit tannin to protect themselves from Said predator. ‘Street kids’ as we like to call them or city trees don’t have that luxury. They need their human allies to ensure that they are healthy and strong.

Care & Maintenance

In a forest environment, neighboring trees will not grow beyond each other’s crown. They do this to ensure that every tree has access to ample sunlight. In more urban and suburban settings, trees are under more stress and strain than you can imagine. Similar to people that reside in low-income tenements, they compete for valuable resources. In the tree world, resources are sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil. Competing plants can diminish a tree’s growth by 50%. Enlist Abbotsford Tree Service for tree trimming and fertilizing treatments to maintain the health of your tree. Regularly scheduled tree maintenance is one of the many services offered.
Stump Removal

Stump removal used to be a very

difficult task to undertake. This is why there are so many properties filled with useless stumps. You may be surprised to discover that some of these stumps are still alive which is why it is so difficult to remove them. If other trees surround a stump, they will continue to supply it with resources for continued survival. Abbotsford Tree Service believes that stumps are unsightly and a potential legal liability. They also diminish the yields of gardeners and farmers by taking up valuable space. To have a stump safely and swiftly removed from your property with advanced forestry equipment, call us today.

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