Tree Removal

This is a picture of a tree cutting..

As much as we love and care for trees, we recognize that there are times when a tree must come down. Trees can grow dangerously close to power lines. If the roots are weak there is a good chance that it will fall and damage anything in its vicinity. Abbotsford has seen its fair share of intense winter storms. It is then that we see trees come down. A winter storm followed by flooding is the perfect recipe for collapsing trees. If you have a tree on your property that poses a danger to your property or equipment, contact us for careful and rapid tree removal.

Intelligent Forestry Equipment

You may have avoided tree removal because you thought it to be too much of a hassle. Don’t rely on the past to form your judgment today. We have invested heavily in intelligent forestry equipment that takes the stress and strain out of tree removal. This equipment has the power and grace to remove the tree with its root system and surrounding dirt in tact. All of this can be done with the push of a button. There is no exposed damage to your health or property when technology is employed. If this tree holds sentimental value, consider having it planted in a safer location.

Protect Your Property

In many cases, the tree existed before the house. Often times we find that the tree was planted prior to the utility installation. While we appreciate the shade and oxygen that trees provide, we recognize the public danger they can pose when they are located dangerously close to homes, power and phone lines. There are a variety of strategies that we can employ for safe tree removal. In some instances we employ a crane to remove the crown first followed by the truck and roots. If the tree is near an outdoor HVAC system or other valuable property we will erect a barrier to remove the tree while protecting the adjacent property.

The Hazards of Dead Trees

Trees never die from old age. They succumb to death from insects, humans or disease. Once insects and disease takes over a tree, we can attempt to save it but if it is beyond resuscitation, it must be removed for everyone’s safety. A weak tree can blow over during an intense storm and fall on top of a home or car. After 25 years in business, we have seen trees fall down in the middle of the night and block morning traffic. When a tree takes down power lines, it puts the entire neighborhood at risk. In this modern society, no one is prepared to be without electricity or phone access.

Contact a Professional

Trees never grow beyond their means. When they are stressed they get rid of everything that doesn’t serve them. Their flowers, seeds, fruit and branches are shed to protect the whole. What if humans were as progressive as trees? It is unfortunate, but sometimes trees get in the way of human activity. When this occurs, contact Abbotsford Tree Service. Instead of chopping the tree down and grinding it into mulch, we may be able to replant it on your property or another client’s. Some laypersons attempt to remove trees without professional assistance. If the tree is larger than 10 inches in diameter or is so tall that you must get on a ladder, it is highly recommended that you call a professional.

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