Tree Cutting Service

This is a picture of a tree cutting.

As much as we hate to see a tree felled, there are valid reasons why they must be cut. If a tree is damaged by an intense storm, it is better to fell it than to risk it falling unpredictably on a person, car, home or utility line. A dead tree on your hands is difficult to control. To prevent a life-altering situation, contact Abbotsford Tree Service for professional tree cutting. Tree cutting failure could result in property damage, a lost limb or worse. This service is available for homeowners, agriculturalists and commercial entities.

Tree Cutting Reasons

Trees are life giving and provide the earth with much needed oxygen. Two trees can yield enough oxygen for a family of four. They also provide valuable shade. Never underestimate how trees help you to control the temperature of your home. Before requesting our tree cutting services, take the time to consider the precise reason why you’d like to have it removed. Is it for insurance reasons, safety or proximity to utility lines? Dead and damaged trees are a no-brainer. There is no sense in attempting to salvage a tree that is not serving a purpose. We may be able to find an alternative method of saving the tree and remedying your situation.

Equipment & Strategy

The size of the tree determines the type of equipment that we will use. We have heavy-duty equipment and then there is industrial equipment. The goal is to remove the tree as swiftly and safely as possible. There are times when we have to use manual labor. Our arborists are adept climbing trees and utilizing cranes to remove trees located near valuable property. The less time it takes to us to do the job, the more money you save. It’s easy to cut down a tree in an open field. It gets a bit tricky when it is located in an urban or crowded area. Either way, you can trust that we will utilize our 25 years of experience to the results you expect.


When cutting trees, safety is of the utmost concern. Large trees pose the most danger. The cut must be precise or it will fall in the wrong direction and damage property and possibly harm bystanders. OSHA has created a comprehensive list of safety precautions. It is recommended that every arborist adhere to these standards. We make sure not to deviate from the policies stipulated. Our team always wears the appropriate safety uniform and operates the equipment and tools as expected. Adhering to safety standards protects our company and clients from legal liabilities.

Tree Cutting Cost

The cost to cut down a tree is dependent on the size and location of the tree. If you would like us to remove multiple trees, the price will increase. Our fees are priced below market value. In this particular case, you get more than you paid for. We are able to extend such low prices because we own all our equipment. If we had to factor in equipment rental costs, we wouldn’t be able to offer these services at such a low rate. For a precise estimate, shoot us a picture of the tree that you would like to have removed and schedule a complimentary consultation. A veteran arborist would be happy to inspect the tree and surrounding area. Our estimates are usually within $5 of the final cost.

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