Stump Grinding

This is a picture of a stump grinding.

Did you know that tree stumps can survive long after you have cut them down? Trees will support their community and send vital nutrients to their neighbors in need through complex root systems. It is quite possible that the tree stump you’ve been staring at for decades is still alive. Since its root system is in tact, we must use high-powered equipment to remove it. Gone are the days when a group of men got together with pick axes and hoes to dig up tree stumps. We utilize sophisticated equipment to remove stumps with ease.

The Hurricane Stump Cutter

Imagine a machine that cuts stumps above and below ground at a 360-degree angle. That’s the hurricane stump cutter. With the push of a button, the arborist can maneuver the machine while standing out of harm’s way. She is protected from flying wood chips and no back strain or heavy lifting is required. Back in the day, stump cutting and removing took at least an entire day. Fire, pick axes, salt and explosives were used in an attempt to get the stump out of the ground. These days we can remove the stump plus the root system in less than an hour.

A Second Life for your Tree Stump

Abbotsford Tree Service is a full service tree care company. If you’d like to have the stump ground into dust and disposed, we can make that happen. We can also turn it into firewood if you happen to have a fireplace or outdoor fire pit. We can transform the stump into mulch your existing trees and garden may be able to benefit from the erosion prevention and moisture protection characteristics. If you’d really like to get fancy, we can cut the stump so that you can have it stained and sealed for use as an ottoman or side table.

Protecting your Property

We had a call last year to remove a tree stump that was dangerously close to a fire hydrant. One wrong move and we would have been in trouble with the city and made a complete mess of things. In this particular case, the use of technology was imperative. We used the hurricane stump cutter and was able to get within inches of the hydrant without damaging it. A barricade was erected to protect the stump from the super fast blades. The stump was removed and all was well. If you have a difficult to access stump, it would be our pleasure to rid you of this eyesore.

Safety Precautions

We make it sound simple but in reality removing stumps can be dangerous. The equipment used is heavy and if not controlled properly, has a mind of its own. The blades can cut through skin and bone. To avoid mishaps, our staff is trained to adhere to best practice safety standards at all costs. For every job we wear a back brace, safety goggles and gloves. For larger projects, the team will don hard hats and fluorescent safety vests. When working near the road, glow in the dark signage alerting on coming traffic and orange safety cones are installed.

Abbotsford, CA