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Trees need forests so they can cool down together. Humans need trees for oxygen and comfort. Never underestimate how trees contribute to comfortable atmospheric temperatures. A property surrounded by trees is better able to maintain and control indoor temperatures. Despite what your home insurance agent may say, trees help save money on energy expenditures. We have heard of insurance companies lowering premiums based on a lack of trees on the affected property. As a result, BC residents have been known to cut down trees to lower costs. We offer tree cutting, tree removal and stump grinding services. If there is an option to save a tree or relocate it we will pursue the option with minimal cost. For a comprehensive tree care experience, contact Abbotsford Tree Service.

We are warned not to live beyond our means. Many cautionary tales involve a celebrity that spent more than he earned and wound up dying penniless. An interesting fact about trees is that they don’t grow beyond the ability to support themselves. When times get tough, they shed flowers, berries, seeds, leaves and even branches. Just like you tighten your belt and reduce unnecessary expenses, they choose to focus on the healthy growth of undamaged tissue. We can learn a thing or two from our green friends. It would be our pleasure to speak at your next garden club meeting or career day at your child’s school. We are so passionate about trees that it gives us pleasure to spread the word about the secret life of trees.

Abbotsford, CA