About Us

This is a picture of an old man.

Abbottsford Tree Service is a collective of passionate tree huggers. We love trees every day, not just on national tree hugging day. Many companies that offer tree services don’t have an arborist on staff. At best they are gardeners that have entered this industry due to financial obligation. An arborist’s journey begins as children. The wonderment of forests and parks captivates us. We want nothing more than to be outdoors in the environment surrounded by our silent companions. We take it personal when friends tug leaves off trees. As caregivers of verdant landscapes it pains us to see trees injured and pruned inches away from death. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that these gentle giants feel, communicate and protect their community.

We hate to see a tree felled but if it must be done, we believe that it should be done compassionately. Tree pruning, trimming and cutting should be conducted from a perspective of reverence. There is a right way and a wrong way to care for trees. We specialize in the right way. Our veteran arborists trim tree branches in a way that protects their outer layer. We want to see your trees thrive and we have the winning recipe. Nourishing trees is similar to baking a cake. Too much salt and the cake is ruined. Not enough baking powder and it won’t rise. Trees are typically self sufficient when amongst their species. It’s the ‘street kids’ located in urban and suburban areas that require the most care.

Abbotsford, CA