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Welcome to Abbotsford Tree Service where we specialize in customized tree care. We believe that trees are the most blessed gift to the planet and have dedicated our lives to caring for them. Trees are the oldest organisms on the face of the planet. They have been here since the beginning of time. Have you ever knocked on wood in an effort to prevent something bad from happening? This folk tale originates from an ancient pagan tradition in which people would knock on trees to summon the protective spirits believed to exist within. Select an arborist that does more than chop down trees. Choose us because we have the knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations.

About Us

Commitment, dedication, and hard work stem from an inherent interest or love for the work you are doing. In our case, what we love is helping our customers tend to their tree care needs. Our knowledge, skills, and expertise have grown out of a deep respect for nature and the natural environment, as well as the care we have for our community and the people within it. When people ask "what makes Grapevine Tree Service different from other tree companies near me?", we can honestly tell them it is our passion for what we do that drives us to go the extra mile.

This is a picture of a man cutting a tree trunk.

There are a variety of tree services that we offer. If you seek an experienced tree cutting service you have come to the right place. Not all Surrey tree removal services created equal. There is a huge difference between a company that hires gardeners and one that sends arborist climbers to do the job. Our tree trimming service is bar none. Not only do we utilize the 3-cut method but also we return to check on your tree’s health. We want to make sure that your tree is thriving and that you are a happy with our service.

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Tree Service

We offer tree trimming service and tree cutting for Abbotsford and surrounding areas. For superior tree trimming service in Surrey look no further. You can judge a tree trimming service by how your tree thrives following the procedure. There are over 50 native tree species in the area. We have made it our mission to protect our environment by caring for our trees. We are not just tree trimmers; we are climbing arborists certified by verified organizations.

“The house we bought was perfect for gardening. The only issue was that there were tree stumps dotting the yard. Abbotsford Tree Service removed three stumps in less than three hours. We were amazed that the entire procedure was maneuvered via remote control. Now I have tomatoes, onions, and squash growing plentifully in my backyard.” – Alice & Thomas P.

Tree Removal

It’s a sad day when we have to remove a tree but we understand that modern life can interfere in a tree’s growth. Surrey tree service wouldn’t be up to par if it didn’t feature superior tree removal service and 360 degree stump grinding. Most tree companies in Surrey offer a plethora of services in an effort to cover all bases. Their goal is to diversify their revenue stream. We focus exclusively on trees because that is our true purpose in life and that’s what we do best.

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Tree Trimming

Our comprehensive tree care service also includes pain free tree trimming. You may be surprised to know that trees feel. The method we utilize to trim trees benefits the tree more than it hurts it. The cost for this service is minimal. Don’t put off tree trimming because you think that it may be cost prohibitive. Neglecting your trees can result in them not producing the fruit or flowers that you expect from year to year.

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“My apple tree stopped blossoming. We tried fertilizers, over watering and mulching. Nothing worked until we Abbotsford Tree Service arrived. They worked their mojo and the next spring I began to notice new apples sprouting. I’ve been canning and making apple cobblers and jams ever since.” – Kate & Pete T.

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Stump Grinding

There are a few good reasons why you should get rid of dead stumps. Number one, they are unsightly. Secondly they are a legal liability. Should someone trip and fall over an unsuspecting stump, their true colors will be revealed immediately. Remember, lawyers are trained to go after the party with the deepest pockets. The final reason is that they take up space where valuable plants and trees could be growing instead. Consider enlisting us for stump grinding completed with the touch of a button.

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Tree Cutting Service

When hospital patients are in a room that overlooks trees, they heal faster and require less medication. Trees have a relaxing and therapeutic effect on humans. Despite the amazing contribution that trees make to our lives, there are moments when they must be cut down. Dead and diseased trees should be removed from your property. Diseased trees have the propensity to infect surrounding vegetation. Trees located dangerously close to property and power lines can either be removed or replanted.

“My neighbor complained about my tree’s leaves clogging her gutter and causing problems. Abbotsford Tree Service arrived the very next day to trim the limbs. Now everyone is happy because not one leaf hovers over her yard. My mom lives two blocks away and they serviced her trees too.” – Doug & Beth L.

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We service a wide area. Contact us for White Rock Tree Service, Langley Tree Service and Surrey Tree Service. These areas have nearly identical tree species. You may also request Abbotsford Tree Service, Chilliwack Tree Service and Mission Tree Service. You will not be disappointed when you choose the best. Despite our experience and expertise, our fees are not cost prohibitive.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Tree services are applicable for residential and commercial applications. We are available for agricultural consultation as well. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and we love to share.